Obsidian Ragnarok Online

An active PVP server with a great community and fun events. Fair and balanced, we strive to keep the server feeling fun and relevant. With our dedicated team of highly skilled and knowledgeable GMs, we deliver week after week on updates to content, story, balance, events, and much more.

Backed by the iconic Twitch Streamer Summit1G, the server is never short of lively conversation, heated world PVP, and exhilarating Guild competition.

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Vote for ObsidianRO and receive in-game Obsinite Coins for unique and special items.

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Server features

Custom Items

Popular custom items and headgears along with some amazing items, 100% unique to ObsidianRO!

PVP Enabled

Anytime, anywhere (Except major cities). Fight your enemies, become infamous, collect their skulls.

WoE1 and WoE2 multiple times per week.

Custom Balancing

We ensure a balanced, fair gameplay experience. Constant balancing keeps PVP and WoE fun and exciting week after week.