How to Play

Download ObsidianRO

Getting up and running on ObsidianRO is as easy as following two simple steps. In order to play ObsidianRO you must download the official kRO game files in addition to the ObsidianRO game files. These two downloads will enable you to play with our incredibly fun and engaging community.

kRO Game Files :: ~2GB


Step 1

Download the above two files. If the links don't work, try the mirrors. RateMyServer almost always has working links on their site, but they come in parts. Follow their instructions on downloading the latest dated kRO client

Step 2

Create an "RO" folder somewhere on your computer (the desktop works fine). Extract the kRO zip file to that RO folder. Make sure that you extract the base files and not a just a folder containing the game files. You should see many different files within your "RO" folder.

Step 3

Extract all the files in the file into the RO folder (this is the folder that we created in Step 1), replacing any files in the destination.

Step 4

Run setup.exe and adjust your video card settings

Step 5

Run ObsidianRO.exe

Troubleshooting & Common Issues

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You did something wrong with the extraction process. You should have extracted the Client files above into the RO folder (which is the kRO download we made you do first). Your RO folder after everything is said and done should look something like the following:

RO/                     <-- standalone folder
        System/         <-- This folder and all below are within the RO folder

You haven't clicked on the proper EXE file or you did not extract the second file. Make sure you've extracted the files into the correct locations as above and then clicked on the ObsidianRO.exe file. You will see a patcher and then be able to click "Start Game" after the patches finish downloading. The game will then launch.

Make sure you have the opensetup.exe (or setup.exe) file in your RO folder. Double click on it and adjust your graphic settings. Choose your appropriate graphics card settings and resolution.

Restart the game by double clicking on ObsidianRO.exe

We don't support running keyboard or mouse emulation drivers and thus they are restricted from being active while playing with Gepard Shield. Please uninstall any bot or macroing tools from your computer and try again.

Windows has started to flag the gepard.dll file falsely as a virus. This causes Windows Defender to quarantine the file.

First, if you get this error you should delete server.dat from your RO folder and then run ObsidianRO.exe as Administrator. The patcher will redownload the missing dll files and you should be able to resume playing.