Server Information

General Information

ObsidianRO tries to stay as close as possible to the classic RO feel, while still offering all the great things that a high rate has to offer. Below are some base configurations you can look forward to.

Rates Battle Configuration
Base EXP 400x Episode 13.1 Pre-Renewal
Job EXP 400x Max Level 255/99
Item Drop Rates 10x Max Stats 255
Boss Item Drop Rates 5x Insta-cast 150 DEX
Card Rates/Boss Card 20x/35x After Cast Delay Affected by AGI

War of Emperium

War of Emperium is a grand battle of the guilds that takes place multiple times per week. It is split into two types: WoE1 and WoE2. See below for a time table of these events.

WoE 1: WoE 2:
Wednesday 19:00-20:00 * Unannounced Unannounced
Saturday 14:00-15:00 * Unannounced Unannounced

* All times are in PST (Server Time)

Player Services

We offer a lot of servies that players can take advantage of. Figuring out what you can do in the game has never been easier!

Main Town

Our main base is St. Capitolina Abbey (prt_monk). It's where you can find a wealth of NPCs and players discussing interesting things about all areas of life, including Ragnarok Online!

Here you can enjoy the many NPC services we offer players listed below, in addition to several armor/weapon shops and our exclusive Obsinite Shop


Below is a section of the main town NPCs that you can expect when you visit St. Capitolina Abbey.

Card image cap
Card Remover

We offer a Card Remover to help you remove your cards from your items for a fee. There is no chance of breaking, but she may fail!

Card image cap

Deck out your character in over 700 high quality clothing colors and over 250 hair colors to choose from!

Card image cap
SG Resetter

Star Gladiators are able to reset their Feeling and Hatred, just like a normal stat/skill reset NPC would offer!

Card image cap

We've moved the refiner and repair man to the capital city. He also offers quick refines up to the safety limit!

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Platinum Skills NPC

No need to do those pensky Platinum Skill quest lines with the Platinum Skill NPC. He will give you them for free!

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Job Master

The Job Master makes it easy to change your job without having to do the job change quests. We offer jobs up to Transcendent 2nd class!

Card image cap

The warper helps players get around. Because we don't offer @warp or @go, you can use the warper in every major city to warp to any city the first level of any dungeon, or any field.

Card image cap

We realize that sometimes it's just pretty hard to heal up. That's why we offer a Healer NPC in each town. Full heal HP and SP every visit!

Card image cap
Skill/Stat Resetter

This man will reset your skills and/or stats for a fee.

Card image cap
Universal Rental NPC

Rent your class specific rental unit here such as carts, falcons, and Pecopecos!

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Obsinite Collector

This is the excluside ObsidianRO point shop. Because we don't offer donations, we strive to give players ways to obtain Obsinite Coins through regular gameplay. Spend your coins here!

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Arena Master

Feeling strong? Test your skills out in the PVP Arena! Choose from multiple Free For All PVP Arenas or a GVG Arena where normal guild restrictions apply!


We offer a number of commands that players can use that help with Quality of Life things, like @go and @storage. See below for a full list of commands.

  • @commands
    Shows the list of commands available to users
  • @help
    Shows the list of commands available to users
  • @rates
    Displays the server's current rates for experience and drops
  • @exp
    Displays the players current levels and percent progress
  • @uptime
    Displays how long the server has been online
  • @mobinfo / @mi
    Shows monster information (stats, exp, drops, etc)
  • @iteminfo / @ii
    Shows item information (type, price, etc)
  • @whodrops
    Shows which monster drops a certain item, ordered by highest rate
  • @time
    Displays the date and time of the server
  • @jailtime
    Displays how much longer the player must remain in jail
  • @hominfo
    Displays information about the currently summoned homunculus pet
  • @homestats
    Displays information about the currently summoned homunculus' stats
  • @showdelay
    Shows/Hides the message "There is a delay after this skill" message
  • @showexp
    Displays/Hides experience gained messages
  • @whereis
    Displays information about where a monster spawns
  • @refresh
    Reloads the user interface and map view for a player
  • @load / @return
    Warps you to your current save point
  • @autoloot
    Automatically picks up all items or items under a certain drop percentage
  • @alootid
    Save up to 10 item IDs to be automatically picked up
  • @autoloottype
    Automatically pick up a specific type of loot such as armor, weapon, etc
  • @autotrade
    Allows a merchant currently vending to vend while offline (up to 7 days)
  • @request
    Send a message to all online GMs
  • @changegm
    Changes the leader of your guild if you are the current Guild Leader (not during WoE)
  • @whosell
    Displays if someone is currently selling a particular item
  • @guildstorage
    Opens the guild storage menu
  • @storage
    Opens the personal player storage menu
  • @ignoredrop
    Shows/Hides items dropped on the floor
  • @go
    Warps the player to specified town maps